Bethlehem sets up pothole hotline

Call 610-865-7053 to report potholes

Posted: 4:22 PM EST Feb 24, 2014
Pothole stops car in its tracks swallows tire

Because of the large number of potholes created by this winter's severe weather,  Bethlehem has established a pothole hotline.

Potholes can be reported at 610-865-7053.

"All pothole locations will be logged for follow up action as quickly as weather and resources allow," said Mayor Bob Donchez, who announced the hotline Monday.

The mayor reminded residents that at this time of year, potholes can only be repaired with temporary material until final repairs begin in late March.

Donchez asked residents to be patient, indicating that more melting, more snow anticipated and other winter operations impact how quickly those temporary repairs can be made.