>>> karin mallett: Officials in Northampton County are warning businesses to be on the lookout for fake one hundred dollar bills.. Police in Bangor say the counterfeit cash has been used several times recently... including twice this past week. WFMZ's Jamie Stover has the story. >>reporter: They're in business..to make money...not to give it away. But that's exactly what some of these hometown businesses in Northampton County are doing...without even knowing it. Police say thieves have created counterfeit 100 bills to rob Bangor businesses of their hard-earned cash. it's a real shame, a dirty shame we don't need that in Bangor. We are trying to make Bangor grow. >>reporter: The money is passing the pen test..and police say the notes even have the security thread. Since the problem came to light last month ... police tell us the quality of the cash has gone down hill. But so far..the crooks are still getting away with it. Police say the criminals are entering these small businesses with the fake 100s..and buying a few small-priced items in exchange for real money. It's a scheme Jason Vrontsis has seen first-hand while working at the Bangor Pub. Though..he says he's only seen the fraudulent 20s.. "They're changing it for real currency, which is coming out of someone's pocket." >>reporter:.. The pockets of those just trying to make an honest living. when you find out you have 300 dollars and all counterfeit, what do you do? >>reporter: For starters... police are urging people to be careful. And encouraging business to ask for smaller bills.>>I think that's horrible.that makes it harder r people who have a real 100 dollar bill.They can't go out and spend it. Jamie Stover 69 News. >>> karin mallett: Also