The air outside may feel mild, but residents of one Lehigh County community found themselves walking in a winter wonderland Monday afternoon.

Covered Bridge Park in South Whitehall Township was covered with glacier-like mounds.

Nearby residents said it is the result of this weekend's rain and last week's ice jam on the Lehigh River.

"Saturday afternoon, this park was covered with snow. Late Saturday afternoon, the ice flowed from the heavy rains and inundated the place," said James Harris.

Jake Dabrowski and Nicole Pascuzzo found the frosted field by surprise.

"We were wondering why the parking lot was closed.  We started up there.  We saw a couple of big pieces of ice and came down here and hit the jackpot," Dabrowski said.

"Glad we could come out today.  It was warm and beautiful," Pascuzzo said.

The ice formations are also causing some issues at the park. It uprooted nearby trees and covered a close-by parking lot with mud.

"When you get a volume like that, a lot of pressure, a lot of weight, you can see the marks on the trees where the ice hit," Harris said.