Congressman Charlie Dent spent Monday morning touring a facility in Bethlehem that's recently been criticized for housing undocumented children.

Dent says the purpose of his visit to KidsPeace was to meet some of the children and to talk about a possible solution.

Currently, KidsPeace is sheltering 51 immigrant children who've recently crossed the U.S - Mexico border from Central America.

Our cameras weren't allowed inside for Congressman Dent's visit but he shared his experiences at a news conference shortly after.

“I'm pleased to tell you that these children are being cared for compassionately and humanely,” he said.

However the main reason behind his visit was to discuss current immigration legislation and a possible solution to the border crisis.

“$694 million is what we have passed out of the house. That would provide supplemental appropriations through September 30,” said Dent.

Significantly less than the $3.7 billion dollars requested by President Obama, the bill redirects money from foreign aid to the countries the children are coming from and sets aside $70 million for the National Guard.

“We've used the guard at the border before, it is important that we use them now it is not helpful to have our customs and border protection people, the border patrol moving diapers around,” said Dent.

The legislation which adds detention centers and immigration judges also tweaks the 2008 anti-trafficking law and would allow the U.S. to deport Central American minors immediately, as is currently done with children who cross illegally from Mexico or Canada.

“That would require a change in law, to make sure children from El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala would be treated in a similar manner...One of the reasons why we're going to need to return children back to those countries is so the parents, the people in those countries realize this is not a good investment,” Dent said.

Dent says over 50,000 children have crossed the border this year and it's anticipated an additional 90,000 more children are expected to cross by the end of this year.