Tipping is something most people do year-round, but around the holidays it can get a little more confusing, especially figuring out who to tip and how much.

"I think everybody should get something for Christmas," said David Ugi with a smile..

How much you tip varies on your relationship with that person and your budget.

Here are some guidelines from The Emily Post Institute to help you out.

Nannies, babysitters, housekeepers and dog walkers should all get up to one week's pay.

If you have a housekeeper or cleaning person, the cost of one visit is appropriate. For hairstylists, usually the cost of one appointment.

"Barbershop, barber guy gets it, you know the people that you deal with basically on every day basis," Ugi explained.

By law, some workers aren't allowed to receive monetary gifts.

For example, postal workers can accept gifts up to $20, but they're not allowed to accept cash. When it comes to teachers and bus drivers, small gifts or gift cards are preferable.

An appropriate tip for newspapers delivery people is $10-$30. For a personal trainer, the cost of one session.

"We tip the mailman, we tip the trash men, we tip the newspaper person, we tip the recycle people," shared Arlene Hurwitz. "They work very hard all year and they just deserve a tip."

Not everyone feels the need to tip at Christmastime, and you don't have to.

"I'd say give what you feel you should give," added Caleb Erb. "Don't feel pressured by anybody or anything."

If your budget doesn't allow for holiday tips at all, don't worry about it.

"I would just enjoy the holidays and say Merry Christmas and don't stress out. There's no reason to stress out," said Joanne Murphy.