Christmas is one of the few days of the year when nearly everything shuts down, but it's not a day off for everyone.

"For me, it's no different than any other day coming in," said James Corcoran, Easton firefighter.

Firefighters at the Easton Fire Department made the best of it on Wednesday with a homemade Christmas dinner.

"We get together, we prepare a meal. We bring a dish that reminds us of home," said Barry Schaffer, Easton Firefighter.

Many of the men volunteered to work on Christmas.

"A lot of guys will come in and work today knowing their kids are grown up and they let the younger guys be home with their families," Corcoran said.

Schaffer said he stopped asking for Christmas off 15 years ago, when his children came of age.

"I'm seniority, but when my kids were younger someone did it for me," Schaffer said.

Most of the firefighters said they find time to celebrate with family directly before or after Christmas.

"Santa doesn't only come on Christmas Day. Sometimes he comes on Christmas Eve," Schaffer said.