A place known for pizza is cooking up a slightly different meal this Christmas.

"Pies On" in Catasauqua is aiming to feed more than 200 people.

They are making 200 pounds of turkey, 150 pounds of ham and all the sides to make a Christmas Dinner being served here at the restaurant.

Volunteers started getting the meals ready to serve around 4 this afternoon.

So far, a group has delivered 100 meals to seniors in the area and others who have no place to go for the holiday.

The owner, John, said he paid for part of it with his own money and he's also received donations from other business owners in the Catasauqua area.

When asked why he wanted to do this, he told us it was his gift to the community that supports his business each day .

Dinners are being served until 8 o'clock tonight.