The Lehigh Valley Amateur Tournament begins Thursday at the Green Pond Country Club. The event attracts hundreds of golfers from all over the area.

Among them, will be a 13-year-old, the youngest to ever qualify, in the event's 80-year history.

There's a saying: there's one in every family.

In the Barker family...there are two.

"I'm JT and I'm 19," says the oldest brother.

"I'm Jordan and I'm 13 years old," chimes in the third oldest.

"My brother JT really got me into it," Jordan says, thinking about the first time he started liking golf.

At first, JT remembers, his siblings would get mad at him for playing. "I wouldn't go out and play whatever with them in the yard because I was at the course," he says.

Those two, are really just part of a larger golf pack - a close family, that loves each other, just as much as the sport.

"It's kind of 'generations'," Mom Jama says, talking about how golf has been passed down.

Dad Tom adds, "Yeah, it went from Pop to me and my brothers."

Tom's father "Pop" hit the links with his grandsons, all the time. He was proud, and with good reason.

JT just became the course record holder at Bethlehem Golf Club with a score of 62

Jordan, just became the youngest golfer ever to qualify for the Championship Flight at the Lehigh Valley Amateur Tournament.

"I'm playing guys that are 20 years older than me and they're just going to look at me on the first tee and go 'wow, I'm playing a kid!'" he says laughing.

Pop won't get to see that one. He passed away a few weeks ago.

"The morning that uh," Tom pauses as he looks down and continues, "The morning he passed, I had to tell the kids…and that wasn't easy."

But they say, Pop's still proud. In fact, right before Jordan qualified for this tournament, Tom, played an old voicemail, that he'd saved on his phone. It was Pop's voice, telling them he'd be on the 9th hole to watch Jordan play.

"I feel like that's what made me play good, 'cause I just thought about that the whole time," Jordan remembers.

And when Jordan and JT play at the Lehigh Valley Amateur Tournament they say that voicemail, will still be true.

"He was always at the amateur. That's a tournament he never missed, so I'm sure he'll be there," he says.

"He's there," Jama says, putting her hand on her husband's. "He's smoking his cigar. He has a tee time himself!" she laughs.

For some people, the grass is always greener on the other side. For the Barkers, the grass is green, where they're together.