John Cramsey, the controversial figure who was arrested at the Holland Tunnel with a cache of guns, said he isn't a criminal and is only trying to help those addicted to heroin.

Cramsey's supporters say he only wants to do good; his detractors call him a fraud and publicity seeker.

Cramsey said he may not being going about it the right way, but he isn't going to stop. His Facebook images show guns pointing, with messages like, "Your worst nightmare."

"They're meant to be intimidating as hell, to scare the hell out of the dealers, and I wanted to," Cramsey said.

Cramsey said he used social media to seek out drug users who would sell out their dealers.

"I turned to dealers. Same person you are selling to, same ones to turn on you," Cramsey said. "I wanted them to feel the anger of a parent who lost a kid."

Cramsey, the owner of a now-closed gun range in Upper Milford Township, Lehigh County, said the overdose death of his daughter drives his mission to fight heroin addiction.

"What the law is doing isn't working. Somebody had to try something different," Cramsey said.

Many have criticized Cramsey's crusade, but he said it's led to more than four dozen rescues. One, however, landed him jail. In June, Cramsey and his highly visible SUV were stopped at the Holland Tunnel, with two other people in the vehicle.

Cramsey faces seven gun charges after police found tactical gear and loaded guns, including an assault rifle, in the back of the vehicle.

It's illegal to transport loaded assault rifles in New Jersey. Cramsey said he was on his way to rescue a teenager from a heroin den in New York City and insisted the stockpile was from a photo shoot, which he forgot about.

"I didn't go into communist Soviet Union. I went into New Jersey. Maybe my constitutionality of that should be challenged," Cramsey said.

Cramsey said during his more than two months behind bars, he tried to help addicts, which he said included his three cell mates.

Cramsey admitted he doesn't have a background in counseling.

"Absolutely not," he said. "I told you straight out, I don't have compassion for this. I don't like people enough. This is my daughter speaking through me. God put me on a mission. It's one I didn't ask for, but can't put down."

The New Jersey prosecutor said there was potential for violence.

Some have asked if what Cramsey is doing is considered kidnapping. Under the law, the difference between a rescue and kidnapping comes down to intent.

Cramsey's formal charges handed up by a grand jury, which were expected this week, have been delayed.