once again. i'm wendy davis.>>>rob vaughn: and i'm rob vaughn. police say the victim was found lying in a driveway... suffering from a gunshot wound. let's go to chandi lowry in lower macungie township for the very latest. 3 that's right rob and wendy.. we don't know the woman's name. but we do know she was found in the driveway of the home. the 46 year old was shot once... and the death has been ruled a homicide. >>reporter: a quiet neighborhood turns into a crime scene.. with state police surrounding a lower macungie home.>>chuck jackson/neighbor:"my grandson was driving to work and he saw a cluster of state police cars and he called us and said there's a bunch of activity here.">>donald schwartz/neighbor:"all i saw was one police officer pulling up and this was already taped off.">>reporter about 1:00 this morning.. police were called to this home in the 64 hundred block of pine crest lane.>>donald schwartz/neighbor:"unsettling for the community.">>reporter: police say a 9-1-1 call had been placed by someone living in the home. a short time later.. they found a 46-year-old woman in the driveway.. shot once. she was taken to the hospital... and pronounced dead about an hour later. the coroner has ruled the death a homicide. and even though it's being investigated as such.. some people are not too worried about their neighborhood being turned upside down by this tragedy.>>chuck jackson/neighbor:"there's no particular cause for alarm." >> chandi lowry: so far no arrests have been made...but police told us earlier today the shooting does ?not? appear to be a random crime. again... there's no word on the victim's name. live in lower macungie... chandi