Charles Patrick, who owns the establishment, saw Hoffman confront Hunsicker.

Outside the bar, Hoffman also told Patrick he was a Bethlehem police officer. Patrick said he tried to talk to Hoffman to calm him down. He said he could not act that way inside the bar and gave him another chance to go back inside.

He said Hoffman “made some comments against my business.” Patrick confirmed Hoffman told him: “F--- you, I will cause you problems.” He said he felt Hoffman was making a threat against his business. He also said Hoffman did not seem to be overly intoxicated.

Later that evening, a couple of other police officers came to the bar about another fight that had happened earlier and made comments to Hunsicker about the way Hoffman had been removed. Those officers mentioned a specific “wrestling move” Hunsicker used to get control of Hoffman. The officers said that kind of move could not be used to take people out of the business.

Hunsicker said at that point, he did feel threatened and intimidated by Hoffman and his friends in the police department.

Patrick said when he learned about that, it added to his concern, because it clearly showed Hoffman had talked to other police.

Patrick said sometime after that incident, “we had a visit from the fire department, saying we were over occupancy. It seemed strange.” He said the fire officials who came to the bar said they had received the complaint from the city police department.

Patrick said he then became very concerned for his livelihood and that of his employees, so he called the police chief about what happened.

* Hoffman received a written reprimand from the police department for misusing a mobile data terminal in his patrol car on April 11, 2013. It’s a computer used to receive information from dispatch, run license plates and communicate with other officers by typing.

Hoffman used it to communicate with police comm center dispatcher Kelly Stefko over a two-hour period that day.

Leeson shared curse words used by Hoffman in his communications with Stefko. He said Hoffman also wrote unprofessional references, such as saying the police department’s traffic division was a joke and should be dissolved. And he wrote Stefko that “I’m so out of shape from all our drinking.”

Hoffman accidentally also sent his communications to a sergeant in the police department.

* In July 2013, Hoffman was one of several Bethlehem police officers attending a bachelor party in Atlantic City. They were eating and drinking in a restaurant in the Revel Casino late one night when asked to leave by casino personnel because they were too loud.

A statement from Hoffman’s lawyer was read to council at the beginning of the hearing, stating if council decides against Hoffman, he reserves his right to pursue the grievance procedure available to him under the collective bargain agreement provided for arbitration. It also stated Hoffman has waived the right to appeal the case in court.

Public comment was permitted at the very end of the hearing. Two people spoke.