One man dies in Hanover Township fire, dog's fate unknown

Posted: 10:07 PM EST Feb 18, 2014   Updated: 6:09 AM EST Feb 19, 2014
One man dies in Hanover fire dog s fate unknown

A family is mourning the loss of a loved one after a fatal fire claimed his life Monday night, and now they're searching for his beloved best friend.

Firefighters say it all started just past 9:30 p.m. at 1930 Mark Twain Circle in Hanover Twp., Northampton County.

“I was in my living room and my daughter came in and got me and said, 'dad the neighbor's house is on fire,'” said neighbor Phuong Nguyen.

“They managed to locate him but they were unable to remove him from the building due to the fire and due to the collapsing ceiling and the roof structure,” said Kris Mattson with Hanover Township Emergency Management.

According to the victim's twin brother, John Cenchitz, the man who died was 61-year-old James Cenchitz.

According to John, his brother's yellow lab, Jada, was his biggest love in life, but fire officials couldn't say whether or not she survived and have no idea of her whereabouts.

Now, family members are asking for anyone with information to let them know and say it's important that Jada be found so that James can rest in peace.

“We can't find the dog and I cannot get into the premises so I'm kind of in limbo here now. If the dog was on the premises we'd like to bury the dog with him...if it's missing though then we'd certainly like to find it,” said John Cenchitz.

Meanwhile the cause of the fire remains under investigation.