Restaurant Impossible: Fountain Hill's Benner Street Restaurant & Bar

Posted: 8:00 PM EDT May 20, 2013   Updated: 7:17 PM EDT May 21, 2013

Running a restaurant isn't easy. Now try doing it with the Food Network looking over your shoulder!

That's what one Fountain Hill restaurant is doing.

But will this be a sweet or a sour experience?

Chef Robert Irvine is host of the hit Food Network Show "Restaurant Impossible."

A show that has temporarily taken over Fountain Hill's Benner Street Restaurant.

On the show Irvine has two days and only $10,000 to turn around eateries suffering from financial and gastric indigestion and he has his own unique way of doing it.

The top secret transformation barred us from scoring an interview with the show.

But judging by the promotional video, it may have been safer that we didn't.

The restaurant will be closed for the next two days. If you want to see what's happening check out the food network May 23rd, at 7pm to see what the network has cooking inside.

Over the course of each mission Irvine updates menus, retrains staff and implements design changes, which could be a sour spot, as the building was built back in 1886.

The restaurant has been open since 1999. But can Irvine keep it that way?

Whatever happens the show is sure to serve up at least an entertaining TV meal.