With all the snow the area has seen this winter parking wars are in full swing in the region.

But now, one community in Northampton County is cracking down on shovelers who mark their territory.

The Wilson Borough Council approved a motion Monday night that allows the public works department to collect household items that are used to reserve parking spaces.

Some residents aren't so sold on the idea.

"They're taking our chairs away from us so we can't park. This is crazy. Where are we suppose to park? And we are getting more snow? I mean come on!" said Lorraine Magilton.

"I am not going to dig out a spot for someone to pull in, just not going to do it. But I'm also not going to put out a chair to save a spot," said Dallas Warman.

Residents may pick up their items at Meuser Park.

"We try to make it easy for everyone to get the snow plowed. It's difficult with people saving spots and not working together," said Karen Lohrman, the Wilson borough manager.

The borough hopes that it will serve as a deterrent, like it did back in the early 1990s when the region dealt with an especially snowy winter season.

"The police will generally give a warning on the first offense; generally after that they will fine you," Lohrman said.

Council is also throwing around the idea of updating an ordinance that would fine people for throwing snow or trash into the street. It could come with a $100 fine.