Christie holds town hall at Warren County Technical School

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Published: Oct 24 2012 08:00:00 PM EDT   Updated On: Oct 25 2012 07:50:48 PM EDT

Like a political rock star, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie walked into the Warren County Technical School gymnasium.

In his 98th town hall meeting Christie spoke about changes and reforms he's still pushing as well as middle-income tax relief.

"If you give it you are getting it right back, so let's roll," Christie said.

But this town hall meeting in Washington Township was rather tame for the often times bombastic-in-your-face Governor.

Questions ranged from retirement issues to concerns of over future employment for those like Warren Tech Senior Maurice Badway.

"I'm going to retire and I don't want to pay taxes again on my pension and anything I've saved," one audience member said.

"How is the government and New Jersey going to help us," Badway asked.

A Freshman from Phillipsburg High School questioned Christie about our national debt.

"I want to know what you say about kids like me paying the debt of my parents and grandparents," she asked.

Christie had answers for all, except when Rus Zadlock wondered why weigh stations along I-78 were mostly closed.

"Here is one of those moments when I get to display how big our government is. I don't have a damn idea. I really don't," Christie chuckled.

Governor Christie told the crowed he lives in a political bubble saying he often times feels isolated.

He said town hall meetings like this are his chance to hear directly from citizens.

"I thought it was positive and upbeat which we need in this trying times," Valerie Porfano said.

However Mark Quick thought the time was now for Christie to stump for national candidates.

"He refused to address we have a Presidential campaign and Senators. It would have been nice to see him get involved in the next 12 days," Quick contended.

"Did he answer your question?" I asked Badway. "Yes he did. It's up to me and my education," Badway answered.

Which could be a little unexpected for some - a straight answer from a politician.