Liberty mayor on mission to help township residents still without power

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Published: Nov 08 2012 04:41:28 PM EST   Updated On: Nov 08 2012 05:44:21 PM EST
Liberty Township without power

It's been 10 days since Hurricane Sandy blew through and nearly a third of all power customers in one Warren Co., N.J., township are still living in the dark.

The mayor of Liberty Township, John Inscho, is making it his mission to ensure everyone has their lights on.

"Hey, how are you?" Inscho asked a woman's caretaker Thursday. "I'm coming to see how Vivian is doing. Is she alright?"

Checking in on constituents has never more crucial. More than 1,000 people in the rural Warren County community of just fewer than 3,000 still don't have power.

"You'll see this all around. Telephone poles down, wires, trees. I mean mass destruction," Inscho said.

So, for the past 10 days, Inscho has put his plumbing business on hold to devote his days and nights driving through the township, doing what is needed.

As a teen, Inscho delivered papers to 103-year-old Vivian Lobb's front door. Now, as her mayor, he delivers gasoline to her generator twice a day.

"I can't say much about it. I'm stuck like everyone else," Lobb said.

Inscho said he's not unique. Neighbors, he said, have been helping neighbors.

"We bring them fresh water. We bring them ice. Try to bring a couple of meals. The firehouse, at the church have helped. The people and the outpouring of support is really great throughout town," Inscho said.

Ken and Kay Lang are both in wheelchairs, both in their upper 80s and both said they'd be in the dark and freezing cold without Inscho's warm heart.

"He's done a fabulous job, not just for me but for everyone who needs the help," Ken Lang said.

Inscho's help has included taking out their trash. Inscho said he's been helping six senior citizens keep afloat until the power comes back on.

"If you can help someone out, help them out. That is what Liberty is all about," said Inscho, who expects about 80 percent of people to get power on by Thursday night and everyone by Sunday.