The mayor of Pohatcong Twp., N.J., is hoping his residents can help put an end to a recent rash of trash dumping in the township.

"For the past several weeks, Pohatcong has seen an increased amount of trash dumping in the southern end of our township," said Mayor James R. Kern III. "Trashes ranging from old kitchen appliances, to tires, to bags of garbage are being tossed into scenic river banks and fields with no regard to the environment or ecosystem."

Kern is calling on the township's residents and visitors to take advantage of the Pohatcong police alert system. If you see illegal dumping take place, you can call police at 908-454-6424 or e-mail a tip to tip@pohatcongtwp.org.

"Together we will make sure that those polluting and showing blatant disregard for Pohatcong’s natural beauty will be apprehend and prosecuted to fullest extent of the law," Kern said.