Officials in one Warren County, N.J., community say they are willing to help put together a recipe so the owner of a popular family restaurant can expand his business and possibly redevelop a neglected building and tract of land. 

Phillipsburg restaurateur Mack Sullivan announced to the town council Tuesday night that he plans to move his restaurant, South Stockton Station, from 435 South Main St., where it has operated for the last 13 years, to a vacant building at 371 South Main St., adjacent to Shappell Park.

Sullivan asked council if there were any "pilot programs", including tax incentives and tax deferments, available through the town that could help him with his relocation plan.

Council members said they were grateful Sullivan was keeping his business in town, and advised him to huddle with the Mayor, Harry Wyant, and town attorney, Richard Wenner, and come back with a plan based on whatever programs are available.

"If we can offer it, we'll do it," said council member James Stettner.

Council vice president Todd Tersigni thanked Sullivan for keeping his business in Phillipsburg and praised him for re-investing in the town, adding, "We'll try to be very business friendly with you."

Mayor Wyant told council that the building where Sullivan plans to move his business and the property it is located on "needs a lot of work."

After the meeting, Sullivan said the move, which he hopes to accomplish early next year, will allow him to more than double the size of his restaurant.

"We outgrew our [current[ place," said Sullivan, noting that the business is a family affair, with himself as chef and his wife and son working out front.

Sullivan said he plans to purchase a liquor license for the new location, and could turn the second floor of the building into a bed and breakfast, apartments or office space.

Sullivan underscored what Mayor Wyant said about the condition of the building and the property: "It needs a ton of work."