At around noon Sunday, the 10,000 residents of Hackettstown will receive test phone calls of a new emergency notification system called Nixle 360.

The Hackettstown Police Department has been using a communication tool called “Nixle” for more than a year, in an ongoing effort to  inform the public of emergencies.

The tool now has been upgraded to allow police to communicate directly with the public by phone as well as by text messages and email.

Nixle 360 will only be used in emergencies such as evacuations, when snow emergencies are declared or other situations where residents need to be informed of important information.

If people who don’t live in Hackettstown get the test call, or if some Hackettstown residents don't get it, they should email Police Sgt. Darren Tynan at hpd34@hackettstownpd.net.

Residents who don't have house phones and want to get the phone calls on their cell phones, can register online.

Tynan said residents who get their phone service through Comcast or another Internet provider also will need to sign up for the new service, generically referred to as "reverse 9-1-1."

Hackettstown residents and individuals who  would like to receive real-time Nixle text notifications can text “07840” to 888-777 (to only receive information on their cell phones), visiting www.nixle.com, www.hackettstownpd.net or www.hackettstown.net.

Messages sent out range from an urgent emergency and crime alerts to day-to-day information including traffic advisories, missing person reports, public safety announcements, weather alerts and other information relevant to the town.