A Warren County, New Jersey police department is coming up with a creative way to crack down on motorists who fail to yield to pedestrians.

Police officers in Hackettstown are taking turns serving as pedestrian "decoys" at local crosswalks.

It's being done to enforce a state law requiring motorists to stop for pedestrians in marked crosswalks.

The program started Wednesday thanks to a $12,000 state grant paying officers overtime to go undercover as pedestrians.

Officials say there have been many incidents of pedestrians being struck along the town's busy Main Street.

Police say the goal of the program is to make drivers more attentive to pedestrians.

"They have to be more vigilant of what's going on to make sure that if you see pedestrians who are in the crosswalk to stop and stay stopped. Hackettstown is a walking community, it's a biking community," said Sgt. DarrenTynan.

Residents who spoke with 69 News say they are on-board with the program.

"I absolutely love this," said resident Eric Cerrato. "I think it's a spectacular idea to make the drivers more aware of the pedestrians."

Police say violators are receiving warnings for now tickets will be issued in the future.