Warren County Clerk’s Office open for election business

Published: 8:06 AM EDT Nov 03, 2012
Warren County elections

The Warren County Clerk’s Office opened for election-related business Friday, even though the Courthouse remains closed due to power outages in the area resulting from Hurricane Sandy.

The Clerk’s Office will remain open Saturday and Sunday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. for election business, including early voting. The office is in the Courthouse at 413 Second St., Belvidere, and the telephone number is 908-475-6211.

“We’ve been very busy,” Deputy County Clerk Elizabeth Wilson said after the office had been open only two and half hours. “We’ve probably had 30 voters already.”

Early voting hours, which by statute end at 3 p.m. the day before the election, have been extended to 4:30 p.m. on Monday by state directive.

“Vote this weekend, get it over with, so don’t have to worry about it Tuesday,” Warren County Clerk Patricia J. Kolb remarked.

Kolb also noted the regulations on Vote By Mail (commonly called absentee ballots) have been relaxed as a result of the storm, so that a person can serve as a messenger obtaining the Vote By Mail ballots for multiple voters.

“If there are people in your area who need to get ballots, you can act as a messenger,” Kolb said. “This could be a way of saving gas, to have one person come in and pick up ballots for several people. As long as the voter has authorized them as the messenger, they can pick up that ballot,” she said.

Information about Vote By Mail is available on the Warren County website at www.co.warren.nj.us/CountyClerk/Vote_by_mail.html.

Meanwhile, a number of polling places for Tuesday’s General Election have been moved as a result of the hurricane.

According to Warren County Board of Elections Adminstrator/Chief Clerk William Duffy, the changes are as follows:

- Greenwich Districts 3 & 4 are moving to Stewartsville Presbyterian Church at 550 North Main St., Stewartsville.

- Harmony Districts 1 & 2 are moving to the Harmony Volunteer Fire Company at 440 Brainards Road, Phillipsburg (Harmony Township, off Route 519).

- Independence Districts 1-4 are moving to the Independence Fire Hall at 24 Cemetery Road, Great Meadows, Independence Township.

- The polling place for Mansfield Districts 1, 2 & 3 is currently without power. An alternate site has been identified and decision will be made Monday whether to relocate.

- Hackettstown District 1 has utility poles down around it and is without power. An alternate site has been identified and a decision will be made Monday whether to relocate.

Duffy noted that polling places for Greenwich District 2, Hope and Oxford previously were reported as moving but will be staying in their regular locations, as power has been restored to those facilities.