Decker said some good news is coming out of Warren Haven: In 2012, it conducted its first-ever customer satisfaction survey “and 95 percent of our family members said they would recommend us to somebody else.”

   Janet Mahoney, assistant administrator at Warren Haven, said people did not know it does not have a waiting list. As part of her “revenue-neutral” marketing effort to increase occupancy, Mahoney developed the theme: “Warren Haven, the best kept secret in northwestern New Jersey.” She said she’s visited hospitals and senior centers to raise awareness about its “resident-centered care.”

  Gardner suggested his fellow freeholders should not forget the human element: “We’re taking care of our own with great pride and wonderful treatment of the residents. You don’t place a dollar figure on that, but we all have to live in this real world.”

   Sarnoski agreed with Gardner that the county should do nothing to take away the momentum at the nursing home toward generating more revenue and cutting expenses, but said consultants can be brought in at the same time.

   Sarnoski made it clear freeholders are not abandoning Warren Haven. The county will develop a Web site to market the nursing home and freeholders personally will do more to help will promote it.