Warren County, New Jersey's nursing home will remain under county control...for now.

An advisory committee released a list of 10 recommendations tonight that the county must meet in order to continue running Warren Haven.

The committee says unions will need to immediately return to collective bargaining to renegotiate concessions.

It also says management needs to develop a comprehensive marketing plan and hire a full-time marketing liaison.

Those we spoke with said they hope the plan works.

Lisa Smith, a mother in Warren Haven, said "I hope they will take... Everybody that spoke to them... And take in account and come to us and ask for our help.. So we can go out in the community and get help. To keep it going. I'm hoping it stays a county facility... It needs to."

Warren Haven is facing a deficit of up to three and a half million dollars.

The committee says if the recommendations are not met by July 1st, the county should move forward with plans to sell the home.

Recommendations with benchmarks required to be met to maintain the Nursing Home

 1.       The appropriate unions will need to immediately return to collective bargining to negotiate significant meaningful concessions to share in the cost-saving measures to maintain Warren Haven

2.       The Board should immediately privatize the position of Nursing Home Administrator

3.       Management to develop a comprehensive marketing plan

4.       Proactively market Warren Haven to physicians and hospitals

5.       Friends and family of Warren Haven should form a 501c3

6.       Management should present a plan to the Freeholder Board to implement technological improvements to drive an automated record keeping procedure

7.       Freeholders should actively enlist the help of legislators and other Freeholder Boards

8.       The Freeholders should look to other departments in county government so that nursing home and community services aren't disproportionately hit by funding cuts

9.       County government must commit to providing some level of annual funding to Warren Haven

10.   Freeholders should appoint a monitoring committee to measure the effective completion of all nine recommendations.