Beachgoers return to Jersey Shore after Sandy

Businesses starting to reopen

Published: 8:47 AM EDT May 28, 2013   Updated: 9:38 AM EDT May 28, 2013

It's been seven months since Hurricane Sandy devastated New Jersey.
But this Memorial Weekend.. people are heading back to the Jersey Shore.

One community has returned from the devastation caused by Sandy.

Just days after Hurricane Sandy blasted the East Coast, 69 News photojournalist Albert Castro took reporter Bo Koltnow to Long Beach Island, New Jersey.

Castro's in-laws have a beach house there.

Our crew saw firsthand the devastation: sand dunes covering streets, debris everywhere.

"Believe it or not this blue house behind me used to sit on these wooden stilts," said reporter Bo Koltnow.

That house is now gone.

While the landscape of this beach has changed, its appeal remains the same.

This is the first time in years Pittsburgh resident Dean Miller has been to the Jersey shore.

"It's just the right time for it. We are spending the week," Miller said.

This Memorial weekend, Long Beach Island's beaches are lined with kids building sand castles, people splashing in the waves and fishing.

What was a disaster zone is now mostly clear of clutter.

" We got about six feet of water. The water line was about up to here," said Joe Rulli of Joey's Pizza.

Businesses devastated by Sandy are reopening to greet summer visitors, trying to resurrect things, but some residents are still cleaning up and thinking about the future.

"We might tear it down we might raise it up," said Gail Johns.

Residents say it's good to see the tourists returning to the beach, spending money in the businesses and riding their bikes in the summer breeze. "

"It's all coming back but it's still early in the year too," said one resident.

It's a year New Jersey residents hope will continue to bring visitors back to the beach.