The capture of 28-year-old Ahmad Khan Rahami came after a weekend of violence that had both New York and New Jersey on edge.

Monday morning, investigators converged on Rahami's apartment in Elizabeth. He had split, but he didn't get too far.

Police caught up with him in Linden, New Jersey where a dramatic take-down took place.

Several law enforcement agencies were still on the scene Monday afternoon looking for clues and speaking to people who live in the area. Police say Rahami was arrested an auto shop.

The call for help was made to Linden police around 10:30 Monday morning. The call was for a person sleeping in the door way of a local business.

As the officer approached, "He realized immediately that this was the suspect in the wanted bombings, recent bombings," said Linden mayor, Derek Armstead. "At that point the suspect began firing."

That officer was hit, in the bulletproof vest. Then police say Ahmad Khan Rahami started moving down the street firing his gun indiscriminately and a bullet hit another officer after it ricocheted off the street.

"It ricocheted off and it hit him in the side of his head," added Armstead. "Luckily he is going to be okay, thankfully."

"I saw the bullet holes and all the excitement," said Sandie Percoskie, who lives across the street where Rahami was sleeping. "That's only when there were only four cop cars. Now there's like tons of them."

A person living across the street from the auto body shop recorded Rahami on the ground with a gun wound.

Police loaded him into an ambulance but the investigation in this case is long from over.

"We never thought it would happen here in Linden," added Percoskie. "We thought he went maybe across somewhere else. But right here, it was too close."

It's still unclear how long investigators will remain on the scene.

Armstead did tell 69 News investigators are checking the area to make sure there are no other explosives planted in the town.