New Jersey Governor Chris Christie to tap public money for election

Democratic opponent, Barbara Buono, also accepting state funds

Published: 11:45 AM EDT Aug 20, 2013   Updated: 11:48 AM EDT Aug 20, 2013
New Jersey Gov

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie will accept state public matching funds for his re-election bid.

The Christie for Governor campaign made an initial filing Tuesday with more than $4.1 million raised.

The money was raised in 75 days, signaling strong support for Christie and his record, said Bill Palatucci, the campaign's chairman.

The maximum amount that can be matched is $4.22 million.

The 2-for-1 match will give the campaign more than $8 million, a sizable advantage over Christie's Democratic opponent, Sen. Barbara Buono.

Buono has made only one public filing since winning her party's primary with $450,000.

The first $120,000 raised is not eligible for the public match.

Christie also tapped matching funds in 2009.