A newspaper ad from 1948 promotes the opening of Guy's Bar and Grill and a group sitting down to eat knew each other well before that.

"Like being with my family and having a holiday celebration,” said John Bock, owner of Guy’s Bar and Grill. “It's the same kind of feeling."

The men are all from Phillipsburg, but if you ask them, they'll say they're from Pursel Hill. A section of town developed when Ingersoll Rand first move to the area.

"They've stayed together for so long,” said Phillipsburg mayor Stephen Ellis. “You won't find that in some of the other areas."

Ellis is hoping to build this kind of bond in all six sections of Phillipsburg. He started in Pursel Hill because of this tight-knit group.

"This group has seen a depression, several wars, and they've been in the Korean War and they came back here," added Ellis.

The group is happy about a landmark sign in front of Guy’s, and other signs will be going up across Phillipsburg in the next couple of weeks. While it may look like a sign to you, a lot of these guys say it means so much more.

"It's our life, we never forget,” said Bock. “We never forget our friends from Pursel Hill."

Never forget the bond as friends, and never forget to pass on how the neighborhood was formed.

"We're going to put these signs up throughout town and try to reinstall that sense of place and sense of community and that's the only way I think the town is going to survive," said Ellis.