Jeffrey Corzine, 31, son of former N.J. Governor Jon Corzine, has died.

Corzine spokesman Steven Goldberg says 31-year-old Jeffrey Corzine had suffered from severe depression for years and killed himself Tuesday.

Goldberg said Corzine had been receiving treatment for a painful physical and mental ailment and ``made the tragic decision to take his own life.''

Goldberg said in a statement issued Thursday the former governor is ``devastated.''

Jeffrey Corzine was the youngest of the former politician's three children with ex-wife Joanne Corzine. He often joined his father during the 2005 gubernatorial race and was by his side following a near-fatal 2009 car accident.

Jon Corzine was a Wall Street CEO before becoming a Democratic U.S. senator and governor.

Republican Gov. Chris Christie has sent condolences on behalf of ``all the people of New Jersey.'' Christie defeated Corzine in 2009.