A Virginia man has been sentenced to 90 days in county jail and also ordered to reimburse his victim for medical expenses.

Tremayne Burton, a 35-year-old man from Virginia, appeared before the Honorable Judge Stephen B. Rubin, J.S.C.

The judge sentenced Burton to 90 days in jail on aggravated assault charges.

According to Hunterdon County Prosecutor Anthony P. Kearns. lll, a verbal dispute over a towing payment led to an altercation between Burton and a tow truck driver.

Burton struck the victim in the head with a socket wrench and caused significant injuries that required stitches, states a release from the prosecutor's office.

Burton was later arrested on February 18 by N.J. state troopers from the Perryville Barracks.

The judge sentenced Burton to a term of probation and ordered him to reimburse the victim for medical expenses of $760.000, a news release says.

He was also ordered to attend an anger management program, to have no contact with the victim and to refrain from any social media references.

As a specific condition of probation, Burton was ordered to serve 90 days in county jail.

The judge cautioned Burton that any violation of the probation would result in an exposure to a state prison term of up to five years.