Friday night football, teams running on the field and big plays being made.

Only this Friday night, Hackettstown and Wallkill Valley won't be taking the field at Hackettstown High School.

"The decision was made to postpone our game to try to minimize the impact of anything spreading and also to get our own kids off the practice field" said Daryl Jones, athletic director for Wallkill Valley High School.

On Monday, a player at Wallkill Valley was diagnosed with the coxsackie virus, commonly known as hand, foot, and mouth.

Then several other players started showing symptoms.

The school is just one of four in the Sussex County area to have players diagnosed with the virus. Doctors say the schools are doing the right thing by canceling the game.

"You touch somebody, you're coughing on somebody when you're on the ground in this particular football game,” said Easton hospital doctor, Jesse Newman. “I'm sure it could easily be passed that way."

"I'm not going to hesitate,” added David Mango, superintendent for the Hackettstown School District. “I'm going to pull the trigger and we're going to call school or in this case an activity."

Mango actually had the virus a few years ago and knows how bad it can be. Sores in the mouth, and spots on hands and feet are common.

"We decided right there and then not to waste any time," said Mango. "Not only did the virus sack the game, but this is homecoming week for the Tigers which means those homecoming activities need to be rescheduled as well.

"We can always make up the game," said Mango.

Doctors say the virus should clear up in a week if the proper steps are taken.

"You got to do a good hand washing,” said Newman. “You've got to wash your hands."