Can something as simple as a yellow dot save your life? PennDOT is betting on it.

The Yellow Dot program has already been credited with saving lives in other states.
Now PennDOT is hoping a lot of drivers in Pennsylvania will place a yellow dot on their car as well.

The program is meant to help when you get in to a car accident and need help from emergency responders.

“Maybe if you have some allergies or if you are diabetic or you have some other issue that would really be important for emergency responders to know in that so called the golden hour,” said Sean Brown, safety press officer for PennDOT.

The golden hour is the first 60 minutes after an accident. PennDOT's Yellow Dot program will let emergency crews know that you have important medical information with you.

“They'll put a yellow dot on the lower left hand of their back windshield and that will give any emergency responder the knowledge that there is going to be information located in the glove box of the car,” added Brown.

The program is free and packets are available at any PennDOT driving centers, the county health center, and at the state office of aging. You don't need to be elderly to participate in the program.

“If you're older or you have any special needs or concerns, you know this was really a valuable program that is really there to help benefit you," said Brown.
"To help save your life.”

You can also go to the state's website and sign up for the Yellow Dot program.