Jerry Sandusky's lawyer has told the media that the former coach is working on what he will say in court Tuesday.

A former child abuse prosecutor in Berks County commented about whether Sandusky's words could help him or hurt him.

Paul Missan is a defense attorney. Previously, he was an assistant district attorney in the Bronx.  He said he can look at this case from both sides.

"We don't know if he's actually going to speak tomorrow, but I'd say that's a call for him and his lawyers to make and it could hurt or it could help," said Missan.

Missan said it could only help Jerry Sandusky to speak if he shows remorse.

"It's good to be remorseful, our society says that a judge can take into account remorse and that's one of the factors," said Missan.

But Missan said with so many sex abuse charges against Sandusky the most he could hope for is a sentence that runs  concurrently and not consecutively, one right after another.

"In a case like this because there's so many counts because they're so serious, I don't think he's going to gain that much from speaking at sentencing," said Missan. "So it's probably not the best idea."

Missan said the prosecutors are probably looking forward to the former Penn State defensive coach's statement.

"The prosecution would love for him to say something because in the past he's given interviews that haven't benefited him," said Missan.

Missan said if Sandusky is planning an appeal anything he says in court could hurt in that next case.

And if Sandusky proclaims his innocence...

"When someone says I didn't do it the judge gets very upsets," said Missan. "And says this person does not accept responsibility they forced the Commonwealth to go through the expense of the trial. They forced the victims to testify and even now they don't have remorse that could hurt him."

Sandusky's lawyer said the statement his client is preparing is maintaining his innocence.