Judge says to keep redistricting maps the same

Posted: 9:15 AM EST Feb 09, 2012
PA redistricting map

A federal judge has ruled that Pennsylvania's 2001 legislative district maps should be used for this year's elections because the state Supreme Court rejected a new redistricting plan.
Senior U.S. District Judge Barclay Surrick says the election cycle is too far along for a revised plan to be developed and approved.
Surrick doesn't want to postpone the April 24 primary because it could deprive Pennsylvanians the right to vote in the presidential primary.
He endorsed a state Supreme Court plan to use the 2001 legislative map.
His ruling is a setback for Republican Senate Majority Leader Dominic Pileggi, Latino groups and others. They sought to block the use of the 2001 maps, citing population shifts over the past decade.