One very popular feature of the Farm Show is the food court.  At last year's event visitors ate more 14,000 slices of pizza, nearly 34,000 chicken nuggets and 750-gallons of honey ice cream.  But there's one thing that sells better than the rest.  Milkshakes.

"We come here every year," said Ralph Blew.  "First thing we get is this here."

"I'm getting a milkshake," smiled 6-year-old London Kiehl.

"Of course you have to get a milkshake when you're here," added Maryann Pavlovic.  "It's the highlight of the farm show."

Last year more than 140,000 of the tasty treats were gulped, sipped and slurped.  Milkshakes have been a staple of the farm show for 59 years.

"We start with a premium product that other folks don't use at other businesses," shared Executive Director of the Pennsylvania Dairymen's Association, Dave Smith.  "So that's a majority of the hurdle right there for us."

For some, drinking the swirls of sweetness is a tradition.  Others say they just taste better at the farm show.

"It's really creamy and they're just better than regular milkshakes," explained 10-year-old Leksis Kiehl.

"For some reason it's the world's best milkshake," laughed Pavlovic.  "I don't know why."

And folks are willing to wait to place their order of chocolate or vanilla.  Six lines stacked with people snaked through the food court., people stood for up to 15 minutes before they got their coveted milkshake.

It takes about 64 people a day to churn out enough frozen treats.  They keep the machines full of mix, and in a few minutes its frozen enough to be served.  Last year they ran through 12,000-gallons of milkshake mix.

"That's the equivalent to like 3 tractor trailer loads of milk," explained Smith.

They definitely draw a crowd, but it's still a mystery why they're so good.

"Well they taste great, I think that's what it is," shared Smith.  "It's a really good milkshake."