State officials on Wednesday announced a simplified process for people born in Pennsylvania to get non-driver photo ID card for voting purposes.

The free program can certify birth records of Pennsylvania natives without the need for them to purchase a duplicate certificate, officials said.

Secretary of the Commonwealth Carol Aichele said the initiative was a joint effort.

“Working in collaboration with PennDOT and the Department of Health, we have developed an alternative, secure system for verifying the birth records of people born in Pennsylvania to help them obtain a photo ID for voting,” Aichele said.

Individuals must visit PennDOT drivers license centers and submit the needed information, which will be sent to the health department for verification. Once everything has been given the OK, the individual can pick up the free card. The process should take about 10 days, officials said.

Anyone who purchased a Pennsylvania birth certificate for voter ID purposes after Mar. 14, 2012, can apply for a refund by visiting one of the Pennsylvania Department of Health’s six regional offices.

For more information, visit health.state.pa.us, under the “Birth and Death Certificates” tab.