We can make certain our workers, our economy, and our public safety are protected for our lifetimes and those beyond.

We can bring Pennsylvania into the 21st century by giving choice and convenience to consumers of spirits, wine and beer, at the same time generating $1 billion for our schools.

And.we can do all of this without abandoning the basic principle that I know Majority Leader Turzai and I agree on: that we spend no more than we have.

I believe we are “this close” to forever changing Pennsylvania for the better.

Even in the hardest times, we believed in better days.

We knew that our work ethic our resources and our unique geography placed us in the center of the New Industrial Revolution as surely as our ideals placed us in the center of the American Revolution.

We now have it within our grasp at this moment to use our enterprise our imagination and our faith in ourselves to forge a new Pennsylvania. This is not just our goal, this is our responsibility.

Thank you and may God bless you, our commonwealth and the United States of America.