When you think of the Pa. Farm Show, you think of milkshakes, butter sculptures, agriculture exhibits, vendors. Now you can add lottery tickets to the list.

A new, cow-themed $1 instant lottery ticket, "Moola," is available at the farm show lottery booth, and at retailers across the state.

Moola offers 20 top prizes of $5,000 and players can win up for five times on each ticket.

According to lottery officials, the overall odds of winning a prize are 1 in 4.63.

There's an added perk for those who buy the tickets at the farm show: With each Moola ticket bought at the show, theh player will receive an entry into a drawing to receive coupons for a full year's worth of advance-play Mega Millions with Megaplier tickets.

Drawings are held each evening at the farm show.

The lottery booth is in the Main Hall near the Commonwealth Commons.