Pennsylvania among top 10 states for "economic growth potential"

State in ninth annual ranking by Business Facilities magazine

Posted: 5:55 PM EDT Aug 27, 2013

Pennsylvania is among the top 10 states for "economic growth potential"  in a ninth annual ranking by Business Facilities magazine.

Pennsylvania is in ninth place on that list, just ahead of Alabama.

North Dakota is in first place, followed by Louisiana, Texas and Utah.

Pennsylvania did not make the magazine's top 10 list for best business climate. Texas is in first place on that list, followed by Florida, Utah and Louisiana.

"The Lone Star State, our 2013 State of the Year, continued to show dominance across several of our flagship rankings categories, something you would expect from the nation’s most dynamic state economy," reported Business Facilities.

"Several states—including Texas, Louisiana, North Dakota, Washington and Utah—deserve a shout-out for their overall performance in our ninth annual rankings festival."

 Pennsylvania ranked 10th in the top 10 list of aerospace/defense industry leaders. (California was first) and third among  biotechnology strength employment leaders,  (behind California and New Jersey).

It was third in a top five ranking of biotechnology strength for drugs and pharmaceuticals, behind California and New Jersey.

Pennsylvania also did not make  top 10 lists for best education climate (Maryland was first), best infrastructure (Texas again was in the top spot), or employment leaders (North Dakota was first).

"There are no losers in this competition," according to Business Facilities. "There’s usually not a lot of space between the top finishers in most of our rankings categories, so any location that has fought its way into one of our top 10 lists should consider this an achievement worth celebrating."

In the magazine's energy rankings, Pennsylvania was second among the top 10 nuclear power generation leaders, behind Illinois.

The Keystone State ranked sixth among natural gas production leaders, behind Texas, Louisiana, Wyoming, Oklahoma and Colorado. 

Pennsylvania did not make top 10 lists for wind power as a percentage of overall energy (Iowa was first); installed solar power capacity leaders (California was first); renewable energy leaders for capacity (Washington was first); renewable energy leaders for power generation (Washington again was first), and lowest carbon dioxide emissions (Vermont was first).

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