Pennsylvania exchange to offer among lowest-cost premiums

Posted: 8:35 AM EST Dec 24, 2013   Updated: 5:17 PM EDT Sep 25, 2013
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A Pennsylvania resident who buys health insurance on the federally run online exchange, opening next week, will pay $286 a month on average for a mid-range plan, not including out-of-pocket costs or tax credits that benefit lower-income families.

That's from figures released by the Obama administration Wednesday.

The state average for individuals is below the $328 national average and ranks 10th-lowest out of 47 states for which data was available. Variables, including income, family size, age, hometown and tobacco use, could make the premiums dramatically different.

Factoring in tax credits, a family of four with $50,000 in annual income will pay an average $282 a month. It would cost $675 without the credits.

The federal government is running Pennsylvania's marketplace because Gov. Tom Corbett declined to have a state-run exchange.