Talks continue between Penn State University, Sandusky victims

Posted: 2:24 PM EDT Aug 23, 2013
Jerry Sandusky

Nearly a week after a lawyer disclosed the first settlement between Penn State and a victim of Jerry Sandusky, no other deals have been announced.

Lawyers involved in the talks said Friday they are still working with the university but haven't signed off on a final agreement.

Williamsport lawyer Clifford Rieders said he's hoping to negotiate acceptable language about a provision the school wants to let it sue in the victims' names.

Harrisburg attorney Chuck Schmidt said his deal is "pretty much done" and his client should sign the paperwork in the next week.

Minneapolis attorney Jeff Anderson described talks that concern his two clients as "a work in progress."

The one deal announced so far involves the man known as Victim 5, who testified at Sandusky's trial last year.