PennDOT has found itself with an embarrassing and costly mistake on its hands.

A highway sign on Route 222 South between Reading and Lancaster has a big typo.

The shiny new sign, located two miles before the Route 322/Ephrata interchange, spells the borough and township's name "Epharta."

"Did you hear that Ephrata is spelled incorrectly back there?" asked Jon Auchter, of Reading, of his friends at a gas station just off Route 222. "It's spelled Epharta," said Hauchter.

If you live in Ephrata, you know how to spell it.

"E-P-H-R-A-T-A," said Lexi Cochran, of Ephrata.

Take a look at the sign again, the R and the A are misplaced.

"Epharta! "That's terrible! That makes our town look so bad," said Cochran. "So bad, they can't even spell it right."

Maybe no one will notice.

"I'd probably miss it," said Dar Farzad, visiting an Ephrata friend.

But that doesn't mean he thinks it should stay.

"Just put Japanese up there then," said Farzad. "I think the town would be upset if their name was spelled incorrectly."

PennDOT said it now knows about the mistake, and it will cost anywhere from $800 to $1,200 to fix it.

"For a sign, that seems a little ridiculous. It's just two letters. You could just take paint over it really," said Cochran.

PennDOT said it will cost that much to make a new sign and have a contractor make the switch.

"As long as it's not passed on to the taxpayer, then it's fine," said Farzad. "But it's going to be."

"That comes out of our pockets," said Cochran.

In a car, it might be hard to give it a second look, but people in Ephrata think somebody should have before it was posted.

"That's going to be the talk of the town," said Cochran. "And Ephrata is a small town. Everything gets around really fast."

A PennDOT spokesman told 69 News the work to replace the sign has not yet been scheduled.