Just outside Doylestown, Bucks County sits a throwback from the past but a step into modern home decor.

"I hope when people come here they are awed. I hope they walk in and are amazed by what has happened," Jo-Ann Cunning said.

From a contemporary living room, "Gatsby" inspired dining room, to a second story bedroom veranda. It is the Clement Doyle house.

More than two dozen designers and landscapers transformed the structure that dates back to the 1700's into the Bucks County Designer house and gardens of 2013.

For as great as this house looks on the inside its history is just as cool.

The home was built for the nephew of the founder of Doylestown.

This is the 38th year for the designer home. Each one serves a higher purpose than simply pushing the limits of interior design. Ticket sales benefit the Doylestown Hospital.

This year, the house marks the completion of a 5 year, $1 million pledge to the hospital's maternity ward.

"From renovating and buying beds and incubators and anything they need to update and make it a better place," Cunning, the head of the group putting on the home, said.

At the turn of the 20th century a group of 14 women fed up with dirtying their skirts from the dust of Doylestown, formed the Village Improvement District.

"At that time hired water trucks to go through the town 2-3 times a day to keep the dust down," Joyce Hanson of the Village Improvement District said.

The VIA, as the group is known. then started the Doylestown Hospital in 1923.

It's the only Women's Club in the country to own and operate a community hospital.

The club also runs the designer homes.

You are invited to the home through the end of May.