One local congressman was making the most of his week back home from Capitol Hill.

Congressman Mike Fitzpatrick made the rounds in Upper Bucks County Thursday afternoon.

Pennsylvania's 8th district congressman made a stop at the brand new SPCA building in Quakertown.

Officials gave Fitzpatrick a tour of the new building before sitting down to hear about all the SPCA can do in its new space.

Fitzpatrick also visited Quakertown's Richland Elementary where he sat down with kids and discussed extra learning opportunities such as the after-school program, LifeSpan.

"These programs are really important especially important for working families and two parents who are at work," said Congressman Mike Fitzpatrick. "You don't want kids spending too much time by themselves between school and dinner so this is a great outlet for kids. It's in their school's building and they're surrounded by people who really care about them."

Fitzpatrick taught the young people some reading tricks and how to property fold an American flag.