A man convicted for selling crystal methamphetamine to an undercover detective was forced by a judge Wednesday to give up the plane he used to transport the drug, officials said.

The Montgomery County district attorney's office took ownership of the 1959 Piper fixed-wing aircraft, named "My Lady," after the forfeiture hearing in Norristown.

"It is time for Mr. [James] Handzus to kiss 'his lady' goodbye," Asst. District Attorney James Staerk, head of the D.A.'s forfeiture unit, told Judge Gerald Corso.

The plane was seized at Wings Field on Apr. 22, 2011, when Handzus, the pilot, was arrested for selling a pound of crystal methamphetamine to an undercover detective, officials said.

Handzus will be sentenced next week for his conviction on drug law violations.

Handzus flew the plane from his hometown of Rifle, Colo., to Las Vegas, Nev., where he obtained the methamphetamine, said Staerk, adding that Handzus then flew the drug from Las Vegas to Wings Field in Montgomery County.