WHEREAS it is consistent with our aforementioned position, should the PA Legislature or a Court of Jurisdiction mandate a change to the marriage license law, we shall faithfully and dutifully follow that law.

Adopted by the members of the Pennsylvania Registers of Wills and Clerks of Orphans’ Court Association this 24th day of July, 2013."

Medaglia offered this statement to 69 News:

“In 1996, the Pennsylvania Legislature and Governor enacted a law clarifying that
marriage is between one man and one woman. Based upon that law, Pennsylvania
Orphans’ Court Clerks are only permitted to issue marriage licenses to
heterosexual couples until our law is changed either by legislative action or
judicial decision. Presently neither of those things have occurred.

As an elected official sworn to uphold the Pennsylvania Constitution and Laws of
this Commonwealth, I have no authority to issue same sex licenses.

My decision offers no position on the underlying subject matter of this very
sensitive issue; rather it is intended only to clarify my intent to follow the
current law of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. This is my position, and that
of the Registers of Wills and Clerks of Orphans’ Court Association of
Pennsylvania as affirmed by resolution today.”

Lehigh County officials would not comment on Montgomery County's decision other than to say Lehigh County would not be changing its policy.