A dream wedding quickly turned into a nightmare for one Bucks County couple after they discovered they were victims of a wedding day heist. The newlyweds woke up the day after their wedding to find all of their wedding gifts had been stolen!

"We came out on a horse and carriage," explained Amy Wright. "We had a little ceremony where we exchanged vows."

Amy, 30, and Jason Wright, 31, had the wedding of their dreams Saturday surrounded by 110 guests at a friend's farm in Springfield Township.

"It was just the perfect day for us, and to have everyone there it was so special."

But instead of writing thank you notes Sunday morning, the couple was filling out a police report. They woke up to find someone had stolen close to $10,000 worth of cash and presents left out under a tent.

"Somebody had come and taken all of the wedding gifts," said Amy. "Every last card was gone, the boxes, the gift bags."

Amy and Jason had been sleeping in a house about 20 yards away.

The couple searched the 25 acre property. They found soaked gift bags and torn open cards floating in a pond.

"When I discovered that in the pond I was just in tears, I broke down," recalled Amy.

Amy and Jason called the police. They believe there had to be multiple people involved with the crime or the thieves took multiple trips. They say they feel violated.

"We had to call every family member and friend and ask them what did you give, it was embarrassing."

Now the couple is just hoping for closure, and want the crooks captured.

"It sounds sad to say but I just feel like I can't trust the world anymore," said Amy. "It's just disappointing."

State police are investigating, and the Wright's are offering a $1,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of whoever is responsible.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Pennsylvania State Police Dublin Station, Trooper Stephen Zucker at 215-249-9191.