Bucks County Commissioners are dedicated to preserving agricultural land within their county. The commissioners unanimously approved the county's portion of a 255.75 acre property.

The property, owned by Daniel Metzger, is a crop and horse farm located in Springfield Township.

During Wednesday night's meeting, Rich Harvey of the Bucks County Planning Commission presented the information to the commissioners.

Acquiring the land through the conservation easement assists the county in its goal of preserving 17,000 acres by 2017. Including the Metzger property, the county has contributed 13,132 acres of land towards the overall goal.

"I fully support the commissioners approving this," stated Jeff Marshall from the Heritage Conservancy, a group that focuses on preserving natural heritage.

The commissioners said it's important to preserve agriculture in Bucks County.

The total easement purchase price will be $2,301,750. The county is splitting the cost for the Metzger land with the state.

The county will put forth $1,150,875 towards the preservation, half of the overall purchase price.

The Metzger property is the second largest farm preserved within the county since 1989.

The majority of the site is agricultural with 144 acres of the farm dedicated to growing corn and soybeans. The land also includes 36 acres of forest and 57 acres of pasture.

The Metzger property ranked second out of 55 farms within the county during the 2012 ranking process.

The farm has extremely rich soil, with 89 acres of Class 1 and 2 soils. A soil-water conservation plan was recently created for the property to ensure the best of care for the land.

This is the 153 farm preserved through the agricultural preservation program. It is the 19th farm preserved in Springfield Township, which has around 700 acres preserved by varies agencies throughout the township.