pet owners used to put signs on telephone poles when they were looking for a missing animal. now a lot of people are getting more tech savvy in their search. wfmz's will lewis has the story. >> reporter for most people.. having their pet run away can be tough. that is why a lot of them are starting to post pictures of missing pets on social networking sites like facebook.>> lori mccutcheon, president, last chance ranch .it's the best way to reunite a family member with their family member, their furry family member./>> reporter workers at the last chance ranch in richland township.. bucks county post pictures of missing animals at the shelter.. but they're also on the lookout for friends or people who may be searching via the web. workers say there are other options like placing a microchip in your pet, but for an animal without it.. social media is the next best thing.>> lori mccutcheon, president, last chance ranch "everybody, mostly everybody is into social media somewhere or another, facebook or have friends with facebook. they'll recognize an animal or they will recognize the person that is missing it and help in one way or another. it's definitely helpful./ >> will lewis, "while some are happy that social media is increasing in helping find missing animals. there are some who are not happy about it.">> reporter just this year a group started a a petition encouraging facebook to continue to let animal rescuers and advocates post pictures of lost pets.>> lori mccutcheon, president, last chance ranch .i can't understand why anybody would want to nix that.that makes no doesn't hurt anybody, it's not a slanderous's helping's helping families find their lost pet./>> reporter for now individuals are free to post pictures and hopefully more people will be paying attention to reunite a pets with their owners. will lewis, 69 news.