Hilltown township police charged a man with robbery and theft after the man forcibly removed a woman's keys from her pocket, removing a medical line from the woman in the process.

Police said they responded in the 1300 block of Route 113 in the Blooming Glen section of the township on the afternoon of September 19th. According to a news release, police were called to the scene for a report of an unauthorized use of a motor vehicle. Police spoke with the vehicle owner who said the vehicle was returned and no criminal charges were pursued.

Moments later, police heard yelling and screaming from inside the residence. They found 23 year-old Joseph Walsh inside involved in a physical altercation with the vehicle owner, an unidentified female. Walsh had forcibly removed the ignition key from her pocket, pulling a picc-line from the victim's arm in the process.

Walsh was arrested and charged with forcible robbery and theft.  Walsh remains in Bucks County Prison on $50,000 bail.