A Montgomery County group is helping to feed the hungry all over the world.

Monday afternoon the Mennonite Central Committee volunteers worked to make 140,000 meals.

Inside a tractor trailer the group is helping to feed the hungry.

This is the annual event for the Mennonite Central Committee in Souderton, Montgomery County.

Workers are canning boneless fresh ham.

"If you're going to give something away you want to give away the best," said Abe Landes, president of the MCC Material Resource Center.

Volunteers work together like a well oiled machine.

They heat up and cook the ham with just a little bit of salt, and then place it in 28 ounce cans.

"We say if a person gets a little over two ounces of protein in with rice or cabbage or whatever it's going to get them a full meal," added Landes

The meat finishes the cooking in steam pots for two hours.

After it cools, it's time to clean the cans and put on the label.

It cost $37,000 to run the three day operation, and a lot of working hours.

"You don't even think about how hard it is," said volunteer, Stewart Furlong. "You just enjoy doing it."

"I just think it's a wonderful opportunity to help serve," added Beth Rauschenberger, another volunteer.

It takes 28 cans to fill one boxes. Volunteers over the next three days hope to make 14,000 cans.

That will feed over 100,000 people all over the world."

"Ten meals per can gives you 140,000 meals," said Landes.

The cans will go to countries like Bosnia, El Salvador, Serbia and the Ukraine.
In 2012 more than 389,000 cans were shipped.

"When you think of people that are hungry and they get something to eat, you can keep on going," said Landes.

This stop is just one of 37 by the MCC across the US and Canada.

Workers say just when they are done with this job, it's time to start planning for next year.